Dela V is a cannabis club based in Los Angeles, CA with a mission to sell quality cannabis products with proceeds sent to a number of foundations and institutions throughout the Caribbean such as Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. The three strains of cannabis that’ll be sold are named and directed at specific institutions such as “Spanish Town,” which will be an indica with proceeds sent to a children’s hospital in Spanish Town/De La Vega near Kingston, Jamaica where the brand’s founder is from. “Jamexican” is a hybrid strain which will send proceeds to a number of foundations in the states for people of color. “Soca Sargeant” - named after the entertainer and influencer, is a sativa with proceeds being sent to relief funds in Trinidad and Tobago.
Although it has inspirations taken from Versace, the lion head logo is made intentionally for we wanted to create something visual that could be placed on almost anything - from mylar bags, jars and tubes, to clothing and accessories. I illustrated the lion head in Procreate from my iPad Pro, airdropped it to my MacBook, and then vectorized and fine-tuned the design in Adobe Illustrator. Pro Tip: I’m a life-long sketch artist and where I would have drawn most of these sketches out on media paper, I find Procreate to be a very pivotal tool in allowing me to make fast edits and revisions as well as showcasing version history and control with the layers.
A moodboard curating ideas of inspirations that molded the Lion Head logo design.
Spanish Town  Inspiration The inspiration of the Spanish Town bag came from the ideas of the Lo-Fi Vibes playlists on all of the Digital Service Provider platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. I took several images and did research on various landmarks in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Since the brand is called Dela V which is short for De La Vega, the town’s original name, the structure in the Spanish Town illustration is called St. Jago De La Vega Cathedral is a structure that has a lot of rich history in Jamaica’s founding years.
The inspiration of the Jamexican bag came from the owner’s daughter being bi-racial/multi-cultural (Jamaican and Mexican). I curated ideas from traditional shrines in Mexican culture and influences from Dia De Los Muertos. Some of the elements I illustrated are also influenced by Bones Coffee Co and their packaging.
The inspiration of the Soca Sargeant bag was discussed after speaking with the influencer and entertainer over detailed information about Trinidad and Tobago and what inspired him personally. We decided to go with something heavily inspired by J’ouvert, the official start of Carnival in the Caribbean, and keeping colors limited to that of the country’s flag (red, white, and black). I also included Soca Sargeant’s official logos on the packaging as well.
Showcase of all three mylar bags for Spanish Town, Soca Sargeant, and Jamaican strains.
Showcase of Lion Head Logo for Dela V.
I knew that if this brand needed to have a luxury appeal to it, I had to go above and beyond. I've never designed a chimera before, but it was back to the drawing board to think of new ideas. While I was already working on the first logo concept (Lion Head), I had done enough research to notice the Jamaican Coat of Arms. These types of elements possess a significant amount of prestige to them. Jamaica has a lot of antiquity as does the Caribbean altogether. A lot of what I took from past photos, literature, and some of the overall history lead me to mythical creatures such as mermaids! Crazy, I know. There is no limit to my craziness when it comes to creativity and how it is all implemented. Lions are Afrocentric and Black culture is historically tied to cannabis (good or bad). A chimera was perfect for the fact that it’s a mythical creature and a coat of arms appeal gives it that prestige as well.
Chimera Coat of Arms Logo on a square card.
Dela V luxury logo on pre-roll tin pack.
Dela V jar in a box - isometric view 01
Dela V jar in a box - isometric view 02
Dela V jar in a box - top view
Dela V jar in a box - isometric view 03
Block letter Dela V t-shirts in Dela V orange.
Dela V apparel in Dela V orange.
Dela V Business Cards.
Credits of all creatives' photography used in this showcase.
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