Minters Logo Design and Brand Strategy
The Minters Collective (Minters) is an Artist Development community that is helping creatives adopt the NFT technology. The community has a handful of services and most notable for helping artists become tax-compliant on the local, state, and federal levels. It also hosts some of the NFT space’s most popular artists and creatives such as Hayden Spilman’s Big Ass Robot and Vech collections as well as collections from Ed Massey and Jimi Fitz to name a few.
Like other contributers in the space, Minters is one of many utilitarian entities of the NFT community in which it provides useful tools for education, tax compliance, marketing, and pier networking by way of Discord.  While doing brand awareness in Miami, FL during Art Basel in 2021, NFTs took a remarkable stance on various Art Communities and were presented in a way to showcase the benefits of learning, minting, and selling NFTs by way of the block chain. Outside of those major conventions that took place, a lot of after parties required that you own at least a NFT to be invited in.
Logo mark origins of the Minters Heart include a heart and hexagon.
The Minters Heart is a logo mark my constituents and I agreed on, because it speaks visually to the
The word mark of Minters is based on the Chopsic typeface with a few optical corrections give it som
Typefaces Chopsic and Roboto regular were used to make the font.
The typography for the brand of Minters is primarily Chopsic and Roboto Regular
Color Swatches for The Minters.
Exhibition stand for Minters.
Cylindric text
Falling business cards.
Credits of creatives and photographers' content being used for this showcase.
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